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Abbey Home Elevator works closely with builders and architects to insure properly chosen components and appropriate installations by home elevatorsupplying free consultations, specifications, CAD drawings and configuration information for elevator systems, lifts, car lifts and other components.


A residence should look and feel like a place of style, function and comfort. When you step into a Symmetry elevator, provided by Abbey Home Elevator, you’ll notice that it looks and feels like home – not an institutional lift or utility elevator. The stylish confines of a Symmetry cab are just as welcoming as the rest of the dwelling. It’s possible, because every aspect of the Symmetry Home Elevator Lifts design is adaptable.

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In commercial buildings, schools, private residences and places of worship, a Symmetry Vertical Platform Lift, provided by Abbey Home Elevator, can provide safe and easy access to each level of your facility.Whether you need help meeting ADA building code requirements, or simply want to make your space more accessible for others, Abbey can help.Which one of our three versatile models meets your needs?

  • Model VPC UL – for lifting heights of 60″ or less, this unenclosed model is a great, cost-effective way to provide accessibility
  • Model VPC EL – this “self-contained” model comes with its own enclosure, can travel up to 144′ and is ideal for mezzanines or other applications that require an enclosure
  • Model VPC SL – this model is installed in a shaftway built by others, can travel up to 144″ and is ideal for applications where a floor is penetrated or a shaftway is required for fire-separation

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The LU/LA elevator, Elevation, is designed to meet the requirements of the ADA and provide access for low occupancy / low rise commercial buildings where a traditional passenger elevator is not feasible or required by code. The Elevation is ideal for applications up to six stops and 50 feet of travel. The Elevation is designed for use in schools and other educational settings, churches, multi-family housing units, libraries and more.

When only the highest level of safety is your standard, the Elevation LU/LA (Limited Use/Limited Application) elevator is the select product for your project.

The beautiful craftsmanship, expert engineering, and quality of a US Owned and Operated company

  • Shallowest pit depth required: 13″ pit
  • Shortest overhead required: 106″
  • All lights are energy saving LED, including COP & Car Lights
  • Includes directional indicators
  • Both hardware and software monitoring complies with A17.1
  • Smaller shaft than required for the smallest cab size
  • 72″ deep x 66″ wide shaft for a single opening car 42″ x 54″
  • 81.5″ deep x 66″ wide shaft for a straight through car 42″ x 54″
  • Wood car option standard
  • Custom cab and finish options
  • Features/Options
  • Brochures
  • PDF Drawings & CAD Blocks

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