Dumbwaiters provide a simple, space-efficient alternative to hauling materials up and down stairs and reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.


Need to get groceries from the garage to the kitchen on the third floor? Need to get dinner from the kitchen to the upper deck for a sunset dinner? A dumbwaiter is the answer for easy transport of smaller items.

The dumbwaiter has been around for many years.  For many years the dumbwaiter was a manually operated wood box that traveled between floors under human power. Abbey Home Elevator now offers the ultimate in convenience with our line of Concierge Dumbwaiters.

The Concierge Dumbwaiter is fully automatic and is operated with an electric motor and electronic push buttons. Now as simple as load it, push a button for the floor of your choice and your groceries, dishes or laundry beat you there.

We provide a full line of both residential dumbwaiters and commercial dumbwaiters. We can configure a dumbwaiter to open on several sides, and in several configurations. We can build your dumbwaiter out of high grade wood materials or food grade stainless steel.  Allow Abbey Home Elevator provide you with specific details for your Concierge dumbwaiter today.

Sub Products

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial dumbwaiters are intended for all public, private and industrial settings including schools, universities, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and houses of worship to name a few. Dumbwaiters are particularly useful where a passenger elevator isn’t feasible due to site constraints, budget concerns or the type of use doesn’t justify a ‘passenger riding’ vertical transportation product.

Many layout configurations, load size and weight rating options are available to uniquely fit each application. Below are the highlights of our commercial dumbwaiters:

  • Up to 500 lb carrying capacity
  • Platform sizes up to 9 sq feet and 4 feet high
  • Inline and front/rear car configurations available
  • Speeds up to 50 feet per minute (fpm), more typical speeds range from 20 – 30 fpm
  • Time tested cable winding drum motors
  • Stainless steel or gray enamel carbon-steel metal finishes available
  • Fire-rated, bi-parting hoistway and car doors
  • Three phase power standard with single phase power models available

Below are commercial dumbwaiter models.

Elevation Innovation Inteli-Lift
The Elevation Innovation Inteli-Lift is a highly versatile model coming in a range of configurations with weight capacity of up 500 lbs and 36 cu feet of space.  Other models are available with loading capacities of 75, 125 and 250 lbs.

Matot Commercial Winding Drum Elevator 
The Matot Commercial Grade Winding Drum Elevator is ideal for heavy-duty low-rise applications.  The winding drum is rated for 500 lb capacity and up to 50 feet of vertical travel at 50 feet per minute (fpm) speed.

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Residential Dumbwaiters

ur Winding Drum Dumbwaiters are ideally suited for moving a variety of items from one floor of your home to another. Whether it is laundry, food trays, heavy or bulky items, a residential dumbwaiter will make your life easier. Our pre-engineered standard sizes allow fast delivery and short lead times.

Multiple layout configurations, load size and weight rating options are available to uniquely fit each application. Below are the highlights of our residential dumbwaiters:

  • Up to 200 lb carrying capacity
  • Standard car size up to 10 cu feet, larger sizes available
  • Opening options include one, two or three sides
  • Speeds up to 30 feet per minute (fpm)
  • Time tested cable winding drum motors
  • Ivory powder coated finish with stainless steel available
  • Single phase power

Residential Dumbwaiter Models

Below are our residential dumbwaiter models:

Elevation Innovation Econo-Lift

Elevation Innovation has a range of residential and commercial dumbwaiters featuring the Econo-Lift for applications in the home. The Econo-Lift comes in either 100 lb of 150 lb load capacity, featuring 30 feet per minute speed and up to 27 vertical feet of travel with three stops.

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