Service & Maintenance

We service most brands of stair lifts, residential elevators, commercial LULA elevators, and wheelchair lifts.

Each and every elevator and lift that we install has layers of protection built into its design. However, those safety devices require routine service, testing and inspection to ensure they work when you need them to.

Our technical professionals are established experts in our field, utilizing some of the most advanced diagnostic tools and training in the industry. We are also at the forefront of state and national code requirements for elevator and lift maintenance, ensuring your equipment remains safe and compliant.

One number (866-558-2229) connects you to a live person to learn more about our service and repair plans.

The S.M.A.R.T. System only by Symmetry Elevating Solutions

The Symmetry Elevator S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Alert Response Technology) System generates on-demand diagnostic codes identifying Trouble or Maintenance Codes, and broadcasts these Codes to the Controller, Hall Stations, and to the Car.  This improves serviceability by providing critical data to Technicians, Engineers, and Support Personnel, all while reducing frustrating down time for owners.

By proactively designing the control system with self-monitoring logic and sensors, your home elevators will become aware of problems or potential problems when they first present themselves – often before they become visible!

Service and Maintenance Plans

Standard Warranty – No maintenance program selected

REACTIVE – used only when equipment is broken; costs uncertain

We warranty the equipment installed under this contract against defects in materials (parts) for a period of THREE years and workmanship (as defined by the application and execution of the elevator installation) for a periof of ONE year from the date each elevator is installed and placed into operation. Since all Abbey Home Elevator products are State permitted and inspected you are assured that they meet or exceed the requirements of ASME A17.1 & A18.1, the National Lift & Elevator Safety Codes issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Performance Basic Program

PROACTIVE – taking steps to take care of your investment; costs more certain; discounted parts program available

The Performance Basic Plan is defined as routine maintenance.  The program consists of two planned maintenance visits (user defined), usually scheduled 6 months apart within a 12-month calendar year. The PMV (Planned Maintenance Visit) consists of a comprehensive point-by-point checklist that is specific to your equipment. All maintenance is performed using only the most advanced diagnostic tools and training in the industry.

Additionally, we have One year, and Three year programs available.  You may even be eligible for a parts discount depending on the Plan you choose!

Performance Plus Program

PROACTIVE – taking steps to take care of your investment; costs more certain; Parts & labor included

The Performance Plus Plan is defined as the Performance Basic program with LABOR (Service calls*) Included. The Performance Plus Plan eliminates unexpected, costly repair bills by providing the same level of proactive care include with our Performance Basic Plan, as well as diagnosing and correcting equipment performance issues at no additional cost.

LIFETIME Parts Program

PROACTIVE – investment protected; costs certain; parts and labor included; qualifies homeowner for LIFETIME parts beyond the initial 3 years of ownership

The Lifetime Parts Program establishes blanket coverage for your new elevator! What makes this unique over every other program is that it isn’t “limited” to certain parts.  Items such as wear pads are covered, the battery backup is covered, and even the lights are covered.  In other words, there are virtually NO exceptions, other than items that may be damaged and considered to be cosmetic or anything damaged by an act of God (i.e. lightning, flood, monsoon, etc.).  The only requirement to initiate this coverage is the commitment of 3 years of planned maintenance visits (PMVs). By your commitment to the Lifetime Parts program, Abbey is assured that your unit will remain in tiptop condition.  This is especially valuable if you are not a full-time resident! As an added benefit to you, Abbey will provide you with 3 years of labor at NO CHARGE! You will be covered for the first 3 years “bumper to bumper”.

You can maintain your Lifetime Parts program for as long as you wish by continuing to maintain your elevator through Abbey Home Elevator. After the initial 3 year start up, simply sign up for one of our Performance Basic or Performance Plus maintenance programs, and you will never pay for another part for your elevator. This is the ONLY program of its kind in the country, exclusively offered by Abbey Home Elevator.

The Abbey Home Elevators Service Team

We’re committed to the safety and reliability of your residential elevator; factory-trained and authorized, Abbey Home Elevators maintenance and service personnel ensure that your equipment retains its intended safety, reliability and quality.

To learn more about home elevator service and maintenance, or to schedule a service appointment, contact Abbey Home Elevators today!